Drought Restrictions & Rates


Governor Declares State of Emergency


Current Drought Conditions:

SEVERE as of 9/26/2022

Effective 4/11/2022, the District has implemented a new rate structure and water restrictions in an effort to encourage conservation.  While Bona Vista water provides your drinking water, not secondary water, the depletion of secondary water could adversely impact our drinking water supply.   Conserving both indoors and outdoors is vital.

What is the difference between Culinary and Secondary water? 

Secondary is water that is simply piped and distributed “as is” from sources such as Pineview Reservoir.

Culinary is water from the same sources but is treated and cleaned so that it is safe for consumption.

Most of the water available to Bona Vista customers is purchased through contracts with Weber Basin Water and Ogden City Water.  Due to the continuation of, and increased severity of the drought, the District has been instructed to reduce their water usage by a minimum of 10%; failure to do so will result in extremely steep fines.

We are imploring you to do your part and cut back on your water usage.  It will take each of us doing our part to ensure we have enough culinary water to sustain our way of life.  The District is continually reviewing forecasted runoff projections, soil moistures, SNOTEL data and other pertinent information to ensure that water restrictions implemented are reflective of actual conditions. Rates and restrictions are subject to change based on the drought intensity as defined by the State of Utah Division of Natural Resources.

For more information on conservation rates, please click here.


  • Do not use culinary water to supplement irrigating or sprinkling of lawn or landscapes. Doing so will result in a fine of $100 per day/incident.
    • Culinary water is not to be used to keep new landscape alive when secondary water is unavailable. 
  • Limit car washing. Use a bucket and a positive pressure nozzle on the end of the hose so that water is not running continuously.  Wash the vehicle on the lawn or any permeable surface to ‘reuse’ the water or consider visiting a car wash where the water is used more efficiently and, in some cases, even recycled. 
  • Do not hose down hard surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways except for health or safety. Use a broom or blowe

There are a very limited number of residential Bona Vista customers who are allowed to use culinary water for outside purposes.  These customers hooked up to the District’s system prior to secondary water being available in their area.  For these customers, we are asking that they adhere to Weber Basin Water’s drought standards as they are the Districts largest water supplier.  In addition to the restrictions listed above, restrictions for these customers will also include:

  • Shortened water season - No landscape watering after September 26th.
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